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Made in Germany: Certified control panels in accordance with American UL Standards.

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Krayer Systemtechnik is your partner for control technology based on UL Standards

Would you like to export your plant or machinery to the USA or Canada? Then you have to observe and comply with the control panel regulations that apply in each country. As your partner in the construction of controllers and control panels, as well as in the related planning and documentation in accordance with UL 508A, we are more than happy to support and assist you.

After the final complete evaluation, we certify and label your control panel. Thanks to our UL label, you are now able to organize the export of your plant or machines more securely, more easily and more cost-effectively. With us as your partner from Germany, you benefit from the more than 30 years of experience we have gained in the field of automation technology.

Our Services as a UL-certified Company

  •     Planning of switching and control systems based on the UL 508A standard
  •     Construction of certified switching and control panels in compliance with the UL 508A standard
  •     Documentation in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  •     Quality and reliability – Made in Germany!

How you benefit from Control Panels based on the UL Standard with UL Label

Controllers and control panels that we construct on the basis of the UL Standard receive an inspection label – the UL label. The UL inspection label provides several fundamental benefits to you:

  • When tested by inspectors, it is immediately clear that this control panel has been constructed in accordance with the UL standard by a certified company that has received a UL License.
  • For the inspectors, the UL Inspection label means that the controller was developed on the basis of the related standards.
  • Any further tests and inspections can be conducted quickly and without any problems.
  • No time-consuming and cost-intensive certification required on the part of Underwriters Laboratories
  • No familiarization period needed for using the UL Standard
  • No import risks

Our company’s certificate from Underwriters Laboratories: Link

UL 508A Schaltschrankprüfung
UL Steuerschrankbau Alt

Your automation based on UL 508A for your Special Machines or Plant

UL-Zertifizierung Krayer Systemtechnik GmbH

Your Route to Success

As a customer, you benefit from our specialized knowledge and the experience we have gained over many years as automation engineers and technicians in the field of manufacturing machinery and special machines. We have amassed exceptional expertise in the most diverse areas of electrical automation, and we are also familiar in the export of these controllers. By working with us, you benefit from the thorough, well-planned concepts and designs we prepare for your automation applications.

We provide professional advice tailored specifically to your wishes and requirements. In this way, each project is individually adapted and customized. The construction of the electrical controllers is then undertaken precisely to your requirements. At all times, you have the opportunity to have changes or improvements incorporated during this preparatory phase.

Of course, you as the customer are always informed about the current status of your product. This permits you to maintain a complete overview of your customized controller at all times. The control-panel construction is designed and built precisely to your requirements. Detailed documentation occurs at all phases of our work. This puts you in a position to be able to review the current processing status of your product at all times and trace all of the individual steps we take.

Thanks to the services we provide, nothing now stands in your way for the professional export of your controllers to all territories and regions with the most diverse safety and security standards. This ensures that lengthy inspections of the electrical controllers are waived almost everywhere worldwide, as plant and equipment with UL certifications also fulfil and comply with the highest standards in the safety and application fields.

Krayer Systemtechnik is happy to provide you with a cost-free quote on the basis of your requirements. Our services comprise the documentation and electrical design, as well as the construction of your control panel or your controller, together with the certification of the basis of UL 508A and the related UL label.

Benedikt Krayer

Dear Business Partner,

I am your contact person for all questions you may have about our services for UL Certifications on the basis of UL 508A and for control panels constructed on the basis of the UL Standard. Please contact me, and we can discuss your project together.

I am more than happy to provide you with a non-binding proposal for your project.


Benedikt Krayer

Please call us at
+49 7176 99 888 0

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Our UL 508A Expertise presented in a short video

Reference Sectors in Automation Technology based on UL Standard

Thanks to our more than 25 years of experience in the field of automation technology, we have already processed and completed a wide range of projects in various sectors on the US and Canadian markets. These include industries such as:

  •     Automotive industry
  •     Waste industry
  •     Agricultural sector
  •     Construction industry
  •     Food processing industry
  •     Raw-materials industry
  •     Environmental technology
  •    Water treatment industry

Take advantage of this opportunity and profit from our expertise in the field of automation technology. We are happy to assume the documentation and planning for you, as well as the construction of your controller or your control panel in accordance with the UL standard, together with the UL certification of your control technology.

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